ANCOMP is one of the professionally managed organisations in India involved in providing CAD based PCB design & development services. The company was established in 1991 with a firm commitment to match the international standards in the designing and manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards.

Today, after 14 years of its establishment, the company can proudly say that it has achieved many milestones in its area of activity. The company is equipped with skilled professionals with technical xpertise to design and develop the best quality printed circuit boards (PCBs). It has comprehensive design setup which can cater to design single, double and multilayer (upto 20 layer) PCBs. We support SMDs, BGAs, PLCCs and PLAs.

Ancomp has built a reputation for responding to the changing needs of customers in Electronic industry by providing affordable, high quality products and the best services in this business. Our experienced design staff and advanced design tools offer solutions for complex, high-density PCB design requirements. We handle both new designs as well as update existing boards. Design inputs may be from netlist or hand drawn circuit diagrams. All sizes and complexities of designs are accepted.

We are familiar and experienced with requirements for simple double sided, through hole component boards to state-of-the art multilayer SMT and BGA designs. We specialise in High Density, High Speed designs with various packages and Form Factors. We provide total end to end solutions in the area of PCB design services and adopt current technological trends and norms for board manufacturability, assembly & testability. We have been providing quality and cost effective Printed Circuit Board Design services to customers who are developing state of the art products for Industrial, Commercial, Defense, Avionics and Telecommunication applications. All our designs confirm to IPC and MIL standards and we are dedicated to continuous quality improvement.

Ancomp is focused on quality. The products and services that we deliver are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We know that the success of a project is largely dependent on our exact understanding of the customer’s requirements. We strive to provide our customers with best possible support and services. The company has a wide range of customers that mainly include manufacturers as well as individual end users.

Our Credentials :

  • All our designs conform to IPC and/or MIL standards.
  • The overall quality management at Ancomp is oriented towards optimisation for manufacturability. This gives the manufacturer total confidence in the final product quality as it is built in right from design level.
  • Ancomp can provide turn key PCB prototyping as it has mutual working relation with all approved manufacturers of printed circuit boards.
  • We provide complete Design and Manufacturing documents.

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