Strengths and achievements :

  • Extremely motivated and well trained engineers.
  • Excellent documentation of all our work.
  • Close interaction with customer at every stage of design process for FIRST TIME RIGHT designs.

Experience :

We specialise in supporting R&D efforts and our experience includes single side, double side and multilayer boards, thru hole, SMT, BGA with all related documentation including schematics, assembly and fabrication drawings. We provide Gerber and ncdrill files along with these documents.

Convenience :

We use internet to communicate with our customers and send and receive information via E-mail.

Reliability :

We use PADS from Mentor Graphics as our primary board design tool. For ensuring the reliability of your end product we recommend creating database using schematics. We can accept a PADS readable netlist as well.

Manufacturability :

We use the Gerber and ncdrill data files and verify the integrity of the design specifications. We can panelise your designs to keep assembly cost lower. We can add all necessary scoring, tabs and fiducials to meet the required assembly house requirements.

Scope of Work :

  • Schematic Capture in VIEW DRAW
  • Layout Design in PADS
  • Single Sided / Double Sided / Multilayer Designs
  • Complex multilayer PCBs with CAM / SPLIT planes, SMT and Thru Hole components Fineline and BGA Designs
  • Design for manufacturing is followed with in-house Quality Checking
  • PCBs designed to MIL/IPC/UL specifications.

Hardware Infrastructure :

  • Pentium PC Design Stations on Windows 9x and Windows NT backed by UPS power.
  • Multiline Telephone line network and broadband based email services.
  • Good communication with key people through mobile telephones.


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