Process :

Requisits for making Printed Circuit Board Layout

  • Component details / Data Sheets of Typical Components
  • Netlist / Schematic
  • Physical details / Parameters of PCB i.e., size, number of layers, mounting hole locations, placement of critical components etc.
  • Any other information related to PCB Layout i.e., signal details / parameters
  • Any other information related to specific signal tracks (GND / VCC etc.) i.e., width, length, spacing etc.
  • Plane Layer details
  • Type of board layout i.e., RF / Analog / Digital / High Speed / High Frequency etc.

Important note :

With experience, it has been found that if proper information related to the PCB is available prior to starting the layout, the person designing the board can properly plan the placement of components and tracks. In case, the information is given in parts or changes are carried out after the placement and routing has been done, the resulting layout is comparateniely pour in quality and standards.

Process of Printed Circuit Board Layout

1st Stage :

Inputs required from Customer :

  • Component details / Data Sheet
  • Component Creation
  • Entry of netlist on board : From Netlist / Schematic provided by customer
    Feedback to Customer :
  • Netlist generated from board and component layout in the form of Print / Gerber / PDF

2nd Stage :

  • Modification of Parts / Netlist / Components as directed by Customer
  • Netlist and component layout is again sent to Customer for verification

3rd Stage :

  • Routing of tracks
  • Print / Gerber / PDF sent to Customer for approval
  • Modification done if required

4th Stage :

  • Copper Pour and other final touches provided to the Board
  • Print / Gerber / PDF sent to Customer for final approval

5th Stage :

  • Final Gerber / NC Drill is generated


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