Services :

Since its establishment, the company has been successfully catering to the requirements of its customers by providing them a range of professional services including :

  • PCB Design & Development Services
  • Parts Library Creation and Maintenance
  • Design and Manufacturing Documentation
  • CAM Tooling Services
  • Prototype development of single side, double side and multilayer PCB’s

Contract Manufacturing :

We have valuable contacts with local PCB manufacturers and choose the specialist for a particular PCB project need, which translates into reduced time and better quality. We take care of the PCB manufacturing as a part of complete package. We offer all fabrication technologies including : Single Sided, Double Sided, Multi Layer & BGA’s.

Reverse Engineering :

We are familiar with Gerber generation from unpopulated board for single and double sided PCBs and can work to construct the design data base from Gerber.

Cam Tooling Services :

Data Conversion from DXF, HPGL to Gerber, Data validation for manufacturability and Drill data conversion for various formats and standards to meet manufacturer needs are our specialized services.

Quality :

The fundamental philosophy for quality management is satisfying the quality level and requirements of customers and meeting the expectation based on the belief that providing quality is the best service to our customers.

Ancomp is dedicated to continuous quality improvement. We know that success of the project largely depends on our exact understanding of the customer’s requirements for the project.

Our designers work closely with the customers design engineers. Our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated and will strive to understand your requirements.

Multilayer PCBs, Split planes, surface mount (SMT), and thru hole are standard in addition to hand routing of critical signals, bandwidths exceeding 2.4 GHz., analog and digital controlled impedance are expertly handled.

Validation :

  • We carry out step-by-step quality checks of every design at every stage which results in ZERO ERROR in our designs and make it work FIRST TIME RIGHT.
  • New parts when created are checked and documented in standard format.
  • Any modification done during the design process are recorded and implemented.
  • Checking is done of input data, libraries, mechanical dimensions, placement, routing, Gerber data, drill details and final documents.
  • Customer feedback and design modifications are documented and carried out.
  • Complete design documentation is provided to the customer which include
Schematic Plots Netlist
Assembly Drawing Drill Drawing
Bill of Materials Netlength Report
Unused Pin Report Swap Report if any

Gerber and CNC Drill data Analysis Reports

Main features of CAM :

  • Automatic CAD aperture conversion.
  • Multiple database units of measurement
  • Read and Merge apertures
  • Design rule checking
  • Rout Master NC Drill and rout editing.
  • NC Drill conversion and optimization
  • Netlist extraction
  • Draw-to-flash conversion
  • Non-functional pad removal
  • Filtering
  • Copper area calculation
  • Solder mask generation
  • Copper pouring
  • Silkscreen clipping
  • Venting & Thieving
  • Optimise and Panelise / PCB / gerber data files
  • With above features we meet the requirements of complex plots easily to deliver production ready phototools that will result in quality PCBs - saving cost and valuable time


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